Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blog for a Cure!

I blogged about this on Thursday as well, but I really wanted to get the information out there for ya'll. One of my new followers Who Knew? Reviews is holding a Blog for a Cure party to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I am SO in on this...I hope that you too will join us in trying to find a cure for these terrible diseases. Here is the link to the post with all the information you will need in it.

Or even better yet......

Here is the information.....Copied from the blog post about the party.....

Three questions:

Do you want to gain new followers for your blog?

Do you want to help eradicate cancer?

Can you spare $1.00?

If so, then read on.

On Monday, Sept 28- Friday, Oct 2, 2009, Who Knew? Reviews will be hosting the first Annual Blog For A Cure, which is a new way to use social media to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, while making new connections and broadening our social media network.Blood cancers are an aggressive and stealthy enemy. They can and will strike people of all ages, health status, ethnicity, and sex unless we rally together and support the research that is needed to treat and prevent them. I have organized this campaign in honor of a dear family member and fellow young mom who has recently been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and is now fighting for her life. I am sure that each and every one of us can say we know someone who has been affected by these devastating, indiscriminate diseases. Together, we can use our most accessible resource, the internet, to help fight the battle.

It’s pretty simple:

- On September 28th, head over to Who Knew? Reviews, and click on the button to donate $1.00 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If you can donate more, please do so, but the minimum to participate is $1.00.

- Then, sign in to Mr. Linky which will be active on the blog at midnight, Sept. 25th. Cruise the list of other participants, visiting a minimum of 5 blogs.

- Click “follow” when you get to those blogs. For each new blog follower that you get, return the “follow”. Feel free to visit and follow each and every other participant that signs in to Mr. Linky- think how many new followers you will receive!

- Feel free to check back all week long to meet new bloggers, and gain new followers!

- On September 28th, post something about the Blog For A Cure Blog Party on your own blog, including the link: Feel free to copy and paste this text, and encourage all of your blog readers to do the same.

- If you do not care to gain followers for your blog, you can still will prizes by donating a dollar, and commenting on the prize posts that you want to win.

- If you do not want to donate, you can still help by blogging, tweeting, and posting on Facebook about this event, to help us spread the word and raise as much money as possible. Just imagine what a difference we could all make, if we all just donated ONE dollar. Just think about it.

And of course, there will be prizes!

Every hour throughout the day on September 28th, I will post a new giveaway on Who Knew? Reviews. Winners will receive prizes from Kolcraft, StephieMc Designs, La Plates, Orglamix mineral makeup, Krizzy Designs, and Boojiboo as well as a few other prizes TBA. There will also be a prize for the person who refers the most participants. When you get to the main link-up post, leave a comment on the with the name of the blogger who told you about the blog party. The blogger who refers the most participants will receive a special, personalized gift from Stephie Mc Designs. If you are interested in sponsoring a prize, please contact me at


Nicole said...

What a great idea! I am in =D

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest <3

Morgan said...

Stopping by from SITS!! Cute blog!!

Lani said...

Thank you so much!!!!!