Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quite Frankly My Dear.....part 2

So as I've posted before I have been reading Gone With The Wind for a little bit now. I've even posted part 1 of this multi-part review. I keep learning all sorts of things about the characters in this book. In the last review I left off with Rhett almost starting a fight at the Wilkes' BBQ and Scarlett being the belle of the ball. Moving on....The war has started and both Melly and Scarlett's husbands (oh yeah I said it) go off to war. Only for Scarlett to become a widow only a couple of months into her marriage. There's more to that part of the story too but I don't want to give away tooooo much.

Scarlett ends up visiting Melly and her Aunt PittyPat (who does have a real name but you'll have to read the book to find out what it is) in Atlanta. The mourning process in that time period was sooo "hardcore" to say the least let's put it that way. Before Scarlett even makes it PittyPat's house she's volunteered to help numerous hospital committee's that are in the community.

Get this Rhett is now called Captain Butler and is a Blockade runner!

Still NOT liking how the slaves dialogue is written!

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Catherine said...

i have to agree with you about the slaves dialogue. Most of the time i kinda skimmed throught that part. :]