Friday, August 28, 2009

Confessions of a Country Girl part 3

I feel sort of out of place here in the blogging world. A lot of the blogs that I visit or have visited via my comment support group SITS seem to be more “mommy” blogs. Sometimes I feel that when I comment on a “mommy” blog that when they come to visit my blog and find out that my blog isn’t a “mommy” blog they don’t leave comments. I’m not knocking “mommy” bloggers….Hey that’s totally AWESOME to blog about your kiddo’s….I just feel left out, cause I’m not a mommy.

Have I mentioned that I hate feeling like it’s me against the world? If I haven’t I do….A LOT. Right now….It seems that the world is winning instead of me…I hate that even more.

Have I mentioned that I’m jealous of my mom’s new DSLR camera? I want one too…Just can’t afford it.

Have I mentioned that I love blogging about my “problems?” It’s definately cheaper than therapy.

to be continued…..

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